Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring is Here!

Spring is Here!

Though it may have felt like a long time coming, spring is finally here! Everywhere I go I see flowers in bloom and green grass sprouting up from dried earth. The wind is a constant companion as are more regular afternoon storms. I'm loving it. While I wouldn't be able to define a personal favorite amongst the seasons, this fresh weather and nature in bloom is a welcome respite. Some of my favorite things about the season:

○ Feeling the cool grass between my toes.
○ Celebrating Easter and all that holiday represents.
○ Picnics in the park. Good food, good company, and a fun game of frisbee or badminton.
○ Afternoon tea on the patio with a good book.
○ Taking my sketchbook to the park for a few hours of creative fun.
○ Opening up the doors and windows to let the fresh air in.
○ Flowers in bloom, everywhere I look.
○ My favorite fruits coming into season.
○ Flowing dresses in pretty colors.
○ Curling up in a warm patch of sun for an afternoon nap.
○ Light, well into the evenings.
○ Celebrating my birthday with family and friends.
○ Dining alfresco.
○ More UEFA football.
○ The start of the BBQ season.
○ Farmer's Markets bursting with fresh produce.
○ The return of outdoor shopping markets.
○ Baby animals, everywhere. I love hearing the chirps of baby birds in the nearby trees.
○ ...and so much more!

What are your favorite things about the season? Or for those of you in the southern hemisphere, what are your favorite things about the cooler weather?

At Grimaldi's
The patio at Grimaldi's Pizza, my first alfresco meal of the season.

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