Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sushi and Shopping

At Anthropologie

Since my mom has the magic touch when it comes to radio contests my weeks tend to be spent exploring places I never would have the chance to otherwise. This weekend was no exception, destination Caesar's Palace and Sushi Roku for lunch. Of course being down at Caesar's Palace has to involve a little shopping, mostly of the window variety. While we marveled at fancy shoe shops that make my feet hurt just thinking about them and the diamond display at De Beers, we also had the chance to check out one of my favorite-ever shops. I'm sure it comes as a shock to none, but I am an Anthroplogie fan. I love their stores and can spend hours lost on their website. I don't own much from them yet, but I did buy my first wearable! Tucked away by the sale room were the cutest pair of socks I've ever seen. I've been enamored with stripes as of late so these (pictured below) were the perfect find. My other favorite shop of the weekend was Vosages Haut Chocolat. How I'd never heard of this place while being a local stuns me. They have such an interesting array of chocolates to chose from. I had a chance to sample their bacon bar (yummy, if a little strange) and the Creole Exotic bar (an amazing blend of chicory coffee, cocoa nibs and dark chocolate). In the end I went with the Black Salt Caramel bar that I have yet to try, but am very excited about never-the-less. When it gets a little colder out I'm looking forward to trying some of their drinking chocolate as well (particularly the blend of white chocolate, lemon, and lavender blossoms).

Sushi Roku

On to lunch, which was an experience in of itself. I've had sushi many times in the past, but I've always tended towards rolls or maki-style. With this certificate I decided to go bold and try their sampler of primarily nigiri-style pieces. I was definitely intimidated when my platter arrived, but in the end I was very pleased. Now I can say for certain that salmon is my favorite (though I honestly didn't dislike anything on my plate) and I actually like the taste and kick of wasabi. Since I had a little extra left I decided to try something that sounded intriguing as well. The tempura asparagus hand roll was amazing! The rice was mixed with what tasted like wasabi mayonnaise which was a nice touch and flavor. While I still wont be attempting raw fish at home just yet, this is something I'd like to experiment with. What are your favorite types of sushi?

Fancy Gown

I am absolutely smitten with this gown.

Il Mulino

Saw this restaurant while walking around. Such a cute design!

Purchases: September 25th

My bargain hunting finds of the day. Ask if you want any specifics.


  1. that sushi looks amazing and anthropologie has a special place in my heart as well. seriously i could go into that store, pick something out with my eyes closed and be in love with it!

    what great shopping skills you have! :)

    ps i love your blog and read it often. so thank you!

  2. @Lindsey I feel the same way! Whenever I feel like I need a boost of inspiration, just walking into the store helps.

    Thank you, that makes my day!