Monday, September 20, 2010

A Fiesta-Inspired Birthday

Fiesta Birthday 001

It was my uncle's birthday this past Saturday and the ensuing party was a combined effort between me and my mom. It just so happened that he loves green chili chicken (a family favorite recipe that has been a party staple since... middle school?) and that fit perfectly with the fiesta-inspired fabric that mom bought a few months ago. It worked out perfectly because the extra length of the fabric that was too long for the table ended up being exactly the right length for the buffet table.

Fiesta Birthday 002

In the end good food was had with good company. It's been a few months since we were able to sit down together as a family. We haven't had much of a chance to entertain recently so it was nice to shake things up a little. Mom in particular has a flair for fun party decor (what you see here is mostly her handiwork, I was in charge of the food) and I know she's missed having people over. He seemed to enjoy his gifts too, though remind me to use a reference the next time I attempt to draw a car.

A Hand-Drawn Gift

This was just the start to a crazy busy weekend that warrants its own post. Looking back I have no idea how so much was packed into two days! How was your weekend?

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