Monday, January 24, 2011

Bridal Expo: Inspirations

Wedding Expo 006

This past Saturday marked the annual Bridal Spectacular at Cashman Field. I hadn't been planning on attending, but when my mom won free passes I couldn't resist. I'm so glad I didn't! While I have no wedding in the works, there is so much inspiration to be found in the wedding world (probably why I'm so addicted to wedding blogs). These ideas would be great for any special occasion. My favorite trends right now? Bright colors, natural elements, and lanterns. Now to plan a few parties to try these ideas out...

What are your go-to decor favorites for special occasions?

Wedding Expo 007

Wedding Expo 002

Wedding Expo 001

Wedding Expo 003

Wedding Expo 005


  1. I love the concept of all macarons in general. They're simply delightful to look at. Plus, I've tried making them at home, over and over again and can't seem to make them as lovely so I found that I started to appreciate them more when I find them elsewhere. The texture, composition - it's really an art but sometimes I find that they can be too sweet. Lemon adds a bit of tartness to compliment the sweet that I can't resist - I can consume oodles of them! This is probably not the most comprehensive list out there but it may help on your search :)

  2. I've not tried making them yet, but I bought a book on them recently so hopefully soon *crosses fingers* I agree with you on the sweetness, that's why I usually go with the raspberry if I'm having more than one. Ohh, I'll check that out! Thanks for the link :)