Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Red Velvet Pancakes

Today I come with praise for one of my new favorite breakfast restaurants. A few months ago I was driving by my old neighborhood and a new sign caught my eye, Babycakes. Curious, mom and I stopped in before work one morning and we've been hooked ever since. We've since tried most of their pancake varieties, but the flavor I keep coming back to is the red velvet. To preface how amazing these are I have to confess that I am not typically a huge fan of either red velvet or pancakes in general. That said, these are amazing. The cake is both decadently dense and wonderfully fluffy. The chocolate taste is subtle enough to not be overpowering so early in the morning. Topped with cream cheese syrup and homemade whipped cream and these are absolute bliss. If you ever find yourself on the Northwest side of Las Vegas I recommend that you give Babycakes a go.


(disclaimer; this post was in no way sponsored, I simply enjoyed this too much to not mention them)

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