Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer 2011

Summer 2011. It’s officially here. I rather like the “officially” part as it’s been toeing the 100’s these past few weeks and now, at least, I can blame that on summer. We don’t really do seasons here, but Las Vegas gets a gold medal for intense summer heat. These are usually the months where I prefer to hermit inside with the air conditioner. Maybe go out for a movie if I’m feeling bold. I feel like this year is going to be different though; it already has been different.

This year I want to be more intentional about summer. There are so many awesome things that are made even more awesome in their complete and utter refreshment during the hot months. Pool time. Icy treats. I want to rock it this year. Do all of those things that I tell myself every year (I have bookmark lists to prove it). How about it, are you with me? What does your ideal summer look like?

• More sports! I play volleyball every Monday, but I want to add in a lot more Frisbee time too.
• Break out the ice cream maker more. Less store bought, and more homemade deliciousness.
• Ditto the popsicle molds.
• Camp! This is my second year and now that I know what to expect I can make better plans.
• Cute, colorful looks. Summer is the perfect season to add in some more fun accessories into my predominantly black and white wardrobe. I went to Sephora this weekend and put together my perfect summer make-up look, now I need to dig through my closet to find outfits to match. Also? Colorful pedicures.
• Nature in general. Mornings reading in the park. Hiking in the nearby mountains. Hopefully more bonfire worship nights.
• Bonfires in general. With extra marshmallows.
• The beach. At least once.
• Copious amounts of time spent with my new grill. A bratwurst night is a must. With homemade condiments? I really want to try making my own mustard and I am very curious at the thought of sriracha catsup.
• Get something from an ice cream truck. I haven’t done this since I was a kid and I think it’s about time. Just hearing the music makes me nostalgic.
• Movie nights. Las Vegas has a lot of options for outdoor movies and I would like to take advantage of that.
• Outdoor jazz. I used to go all the time when I was in high school and somehow I haven’t been back since. I would like to remedy that.
• Homemade lemonade. I want to hand squeeze the lemons and make my own simple syrup. Followed by an ice cold glass out on the patio. Bliss.

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  1. Ok, I already know i'm gonna love this blog! I'm a list person and I love coming to a blog where I just have inspiration listed out for me! I love ALL things mentioned on this list, especially of doing more homemade treats! I would add a few things to my list though. Add a ton of water balloons and a few towels to monday night volleyball and you've got a refreshing and entertaining game of water balloon volleyball ahead of you! Also, I love water parks in the summer so that would have to make my list too. Lastly, i'd add picnics at the park and a good old-fashioned car wash. I LOVE summer! Thanks for the inspiration to get out and enjoy it more:)