Saturday, June 18, 2011

Life List, Reloaded

It's new direction time. After being inspired after signing up for Camp Mighty, here's my new and improved Life List. Just writing it down has me ridiculously excited and inspired to start crossing stuff off. I think that's the point though. To give articulate those things that lurk in the back of our minds is to give them life. It makes them real and tangible. This list will have its own page soon (I'm super close to having my new logo design finished), but I wanted to share it now that I have it started. No more hiding things away in dingy corners to be saved for "later". I'm not playing this hard and fast. Things might just up and disappear from this list some day in the future and I can absolutely guaranty you that this list will keep growing. Now, I want to see your lists. If you don't have one, write one. It will change your life. Share your links (or your lists!) down in the comments. Maybe we can help each other out.

1. Own my own bakery.
2. Go zip lining.
3. Play the cello.
4. Be conversational in Mandarin, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, and Spanish.
5. Learn to play the bagpipes.
6. Travel to Italy during the Masquerade.
7. Rent an apartment in Venice for at least a month.
8. Own a red convertible.
9. Sing karaoke.
10. Refresh my knowledge of Latin and Gaelic.
11. Attend a steampunk meet up.
12. Go parasailing.
13. Sail a boat.
14. Learn to kayak.
15. Travel to at least 15 different countries.
16. Spend a night under the stars.
17. Brew my own beer.
18. Attend a full Latin mass.
19. See a Manchester United match at Old Trafford.
20. Pick flowers and press them in an old book.
21. Participate in Book Crossing.
22. Participate in Post Crossing.
23. Have a penpal.
24. Start (and finish!) a journal.
25. Fold 1,000 paper cranes.
26. Learn how to ride a bike.
27. Learn how to apply make-up in a way that looks fun and fabulous.
28. Finish a painting series.
29. Try out for a theater production.
30. Spend a week exploring the museums of Boston and New York.
31. Try 1,000 new foods.
32. Create an edited and stylish wardrobe that reflects my personal aesthetic.
33. Bicycle through the Champagne region of France.
34. See the catacombs.
35. Attend a ball.
36. Grow something from seed.
37. Be published in print.
38. Attend a cherry blossom festival.
39. Pick my own fruit.
40. Tip $100 to a busker.
41. Participate in a community garden.
42. Learn calligraphy.
43. Participate in the Great American Bake Sale.
44. Fill a sketchbook.
45. Organize my photos.
46. Learn how to play mahjong.
47. Take a letterpress class.
48. Fill a blessings journal.
49. Make my own candies.
50. Finish my inspiration and idea books.
51. Read through my entire bookshelf.
52. Write a children’s book.
53. Learn the language of flowers.
54. Take a flower arranging class.
55. Curate my stuff.
56. Have my laptop organized and set up exactly how I want it.
57. Get a pedicure at a world class spa.
58. Eat at Craftsteak.
59. Attend a poetry reading.
60. Take the train up the California coast.
61. Spend a week eating through San Francisco and Seattle.
62. Host 15 theme parties.
63. Take a week long baking course at King Arthur Flour.
64. Visit Shanghai.
65. Find the museum that houses my great-great grandparent’s artifacts.
66. Learn more about modern art.
67. Take a photography class.
68. Try Zumba.
69. Learn to crochet.
70. Make a quilt.
71. Attend a Broadway production.
72. Go on a cruise of the Mediterranean.
73. Design a website.
74. Go hot air ballooning.
75. Make my own doughnuts.
76. Spend an evening in a jazz bar.
77. See U2 perform live.
78. Make a gateau de crepes.
79. Bake a rainbow cake.
80. Donate 500 books to a children’s charity.
81. Whittle a working boat.
82. Build another working robot.
83. Listen to 100 new music artists.
84. Make my own chai blend.
85. Watch 50 new foreign films.
86. Learn how to style my own hair. (Blogged)
87. Learn the Singin’ in the Rain dance and recreate on a rainy day.
88. Learn more about wine.
89. Take a self-defense class.
90. Watch 50 new documentaries.
91. Take a photo a day for 365 days.
92. Invent my own signature cookie recipe.
93. Take a glass blowing class.
94. Make-over a piece of furniture.
95. Build a larger working trebuchet.
96. Visit all 50 states.
97. Have a professional portrait done.
98. Explore Las Vegas and create a guide of the best places to go.
99. Participate in a jam session.
100. Attend a World Cup match.
101. Take a solo road trip.
102. Own an excellent set of knives.
103. Have my blog published in Artful Blogging.
104. Post a blog post a day for one year.
105. Learn how to tailor my own clothes.
106. Write 10 fan letters to the individuals/groups who have inspired me.
107. Find, or make, the perfect little black dress.
108. Take a self-portrait a day for a year.
109. Be knowledgeable about the Bible and be able to quote verses.
110. Learn how to shoot a gun.
111. Drink a pint in a real Irish pub.
112. Spend a week in Victoria, Canada.
113. Attend the book festival in Montreal.
114. Have a favorite poem.
115. Afternoon tea at the Ritz.


  1. That's a long list!! Wow. :)

    If I had a list (which I probably should), it would be something like:
    -own a home
    -have a flourishing garden, maybe even some chickens (a cow or goat might be pushing it...)
    -learn to sew clothes
    -teach my children to play a musical instrument
    -memorize all the LDS hymns
    -learn German (at least reading/writing--speaking too, if I'm really ambitious)
    -write a personal history
    -learn to play the guitar

  2. I've been thinking about this lately - thanks for the reminder to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard, as the case may be!).

    I do hope you'll come take a class at King Arthur Flour! We have really great offerings - and we'll be in our new classrooms in the spring! In the meantime, happy baking!

  3. @Kellie I definitely think you should have one! It's amazing how much I've seen come to life after writing my list out. I love the list you've posted here!

    @Allison I'm so glad this was able to be a reminder for you! I hope you decide to share your list :) The new classrooms sound exciting! I really hope I can make the trip happen in the coming year.