Saturday, July 25, 2009

World Cup Football

1. Italy - 2006 World Cup Champions, 2. FIFA U-20 World Cup Photos #3, 3. 2006 World Cup, 4. A pause for the 2006 World Cup Frenzy :)

I am going to attempt to attempt to keep this short because I can ramble about football all day if I let myself (which is why I'm limit this to World Cup, if I started talking about club sport I wouldn't finish this near in time). I am starting to get World Cup fever, qualifiers are coming to a close and the rosters are being put together. I am so excited this time around, I know so much more about the sport and so many more of the players. How about you, are you getting excited? Any particular favorites? Personally who I root for depends on the match, but in general I love the style of Brazil and Spain, the heart of Italy and England, the new style of Portugal, and for patriotic purposes the USA. Player by player basis I have a few that I enjoy on just about every team so this should be an amazing tournament.

I'm actually watching football right now (Chicago v. Seattle on ESPN) so I'm more than a little distracted ❤

Song of the Half Hour: Love Story - Taylor Swift


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