Sunday, July 26, 2009

Video Games

1. Soft toy in Nintendo World, 2. My Nintendo DS, 3. Nintendo DS / Gadget Travel set - Matroyshka, 4. Video Games - QueBarato

While I'm not a hardcore gamer I am a fan of video games. I grew up playing an old school Nintendo (particularly Legend of Zelda and Mario). I still remember sneaking downstairs with mom in the middle of the night to play without waking up my grandparents. As I got older I expanded my collection of platforms, sticking mostly to Nintendo with the odd Sega system thrown in. I was still an avid LoZ player, but I also came to love the Pokemon series and miscellaneous RPG games. Even today my tastes still basically fall into those categories. My top favorite game remains LoZ: The Ocarina of Time while some of the games I'm currently playing include: Pokemon Diamond, Animal Crossing, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, Princess Debut, Cooking Mama, FIFA Street, and FIFA World Cup. On weekends I can often be found playing a round of a multi-player with my stepdad ranging from Snowboard Kids 2 to Mario Party. One of these days I would love to try a Wii.

Are you into video games? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Nothing too exciting to report. I went and sat on the sofa for a little while just to change positions. Considering how late it is I'm actually doing pretty well. Only six posts to go including this one.

Song of the Half Hour: Get in the Game - The Rising Sound

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