Saturday, July 25, 2009


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What's not to love about cupcakes? They're perfectly portioned bits of extravagant sweetness that are just as fun to make as they are to eat. From a decorating standpoint they are a lot less intimidating than a full sized cake (mistakes are easy to scrape off). There are so many options for decorating too, from beautifully minimal to intricately ornate. What are your favorite type of cupcakes, any particular favorites in design or taste?

I'm also loving all of the cupcake bakeries that have been popping up in recent years. My personal favorite thus far locally definitely has to be Retro Bakery. After seeing their feature on Bakerella I went out and tried their Milk & Cookies variety and am now hooked. Next up? Their slightly more adventurous Maple Bacon variety. Do you have a favorite local cupcakery?

Lunch was delish and I'm feeling refreshed. The match is just finishing up the end of stoppage time, but it's still tied at zero. Not that it hasn't been exciting, there have been some awesome saves from both sides.


  1. *is now very hungry*

    In the UK we don't have 'cupcakes' so much. Which is a damn shame as they look GORGEOUS whenever I see them!

    *sulks at lack of cupcakes*


  2. @Chris That is a shame! Hopefully as the trend continues to grow they'll become more popular and widely carried there.

  3. Mmmmm ... cupcakes.

    My biggest problem with cupcakes is that they are so easy to eat, which means they are (vs. the effort to slice a "real" cake and eat it, which I can parlay into not eating it).

  4. These cupcakes are making me hungry |D

  5. @Dave Hehe, I have that problem too. If I have too many around I have to make sure I give some away so I can resist the temptation.