Saturday, July 25, 2009

Road Trips

1. USA Road Trip 2009 (50/365), 2. Road Trip, 3. What's a Road trip Without a Road, 4. polaroids: Texas road trip 2007

From a young age road trips were a favorite summer pastime of mine. They were a window to the world around me and they allowed me to see that world close-up. Some of my early memories include bus trips to Disneyland through my grandpa's job, a horribly memorable trip to the Grand Canyon (that I can at least look back on and laugh at now), and countless trips to visit relatives in Northern California. As a high school student road trips extended to include science trips to Magic Mountain, club trips for competition, and the amazing experience of Disneyland through the night for Grad*Nite 2005. Most recently a roadtrip meant a drive to Zion for a St. Patrick's Day festival in the rain. Every trip we somehow manage to get lost, but that just opens the road to new sights and adventures. Do you have any fun road trip memories?

With both the game and lunch over I am back to hanging out and listening to music. I think I might start organizing my bookmarks or something to keep my mind occupied. I would also like to thank everyone who's commented so far, your comments definitely help keep me going!

Song of the Half Hour: Black Diamond - 水樹奈々


  1. An ex-boyfriend and I once, and I swear I am not making this up, spent two days trying to find the Grand Canyon. We got as far as Flagstaff. We drove for about a million miles and saw many amazing things. But we failed entirely to find the Grand Canyon, which is both amazing and terrifying at the same time.


  2. @Pico The Arizona highway system is so crazy (I'm sure we would have gotten lost if we hadn't gone by train). I remember on one of my school trips we drove the state just to get back home to Vegas from Phoenix. Yay for still being able to have an amazing trip despite the snags though!