Saturday, July 25, 2009

Cute Kitties

1. The Spy Kitty!, 2. sleepy king and hello kitty, 3. Close-Up of Kitty Curled Up and Sleeping, 4. CP Kittens

Though I love all animals, I am a cat person without question. As a little girl everything I owed was covered in cats: notebooks, calendars, posters, plushies, shirts, etc. I collected cat figurines. I desperately wanted a cat of my own, but several in my family were allergic. When I was nineteen mom married a man who had a cat and so my love of cats only intensified. He's a large American Shorthair, black with white marks around the paws/stomach/a half-moustache and bright green eyes. He's not an affectionate cat, but that makes the moments when he wants to snuggle that much more precious. He hates cat toys, but loves to chase my robe tie and various other pieces of string (and my hand when I'm feeling brave). My love of cat motifs continues to persist as well, particularly with Sanrio or Maneki Neko designs.

Do you have a feline friend (I'm a sucker for cat stories)? A love of cute cat items perhaps?

Lunch is on its way *does a happy dance* Mom is treating me to a burger from Create (my favorite burger place). There is no song this half hour as I've been watching the game (red cards to both Chicago and Seattle, how will this change things I wonder...).

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