Friday, January 15, 2010

The Tour Continues...

Today I have the rest of my room proper (the closet has it's own post tomorrow) to share. This is where I spent most of my time from working at the computer to crafting to watching a favorite movie to slipping into blissful slumber at the end of a long day.

Arguably my favorite thing in my room, my books. I have them organized by color after seeing an episode of Myles of Style last year, I love the visual effect. Here I also display some of my favorite plushies and my family rosaries. To the right you can spy my beading case.

My desk, where I am for most of the day. This is my window to the world outside and the window to my own heart. In addition to the usual computer work, I also do much of my crafting and painting here.

These are the things that make me smile. They serve no other purpose, but I think it's an important one. This side has changed a little since the photograph, that jar now holds kompeito and I have things rearranged slightly to allow space for a paintbrush holder (that I have yet to decide upon...). Also seen here is the vintage style fan that is a life saver in the Las Vegas heat.

This side of my desk is a little more practical with my cup of pens and notebook as well as the candles that I light regularly. To finish the look I've displayed some of my favorite things from the champagne bottle from my 21st birthday filled with paper flowers, a jeweled owl that I found at a trinket shop years and years ago, a frame that I need to find a photo for, and my favorite of the antique snuff bottle collection that I inherited from my grandma. This view also offers one of the better photos of my curtain. It was originally intended for use in the shower, but when I spotted it in Anthropologie years ago it was love at first sight.

My printer top with various trinkets including my pin cushion, a vintage thimble, a dove ornament, a piece of one of my grandpa's shirts, and the rest of the paper flowers from the set I made for the champagne bottle in the previous photo.

The entertainment unit flanked by my decorative dress form. This is mostly used for storage. Seen in the back is my 'Make It Work' sign that used to hand above the previous location of my bed. I actually liked the look of it off center like this so I decided to leave it.

And finally, my bed. This is the passport to far away lands. It is here that I read and dream and write. I also do quite a bit of my crafting here, though I try not to for my back's sake. The cork boards to the right are fairly new, I fell in love with the recycled wine cork idea and am planning on turning them into inspiration mood boards. The gap between my wall and bed is used for storage for such things as my sewing machine and magazine clippings.

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