Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cookies Fit for a Princess

Princess Cookies

Back in February I purchased Cookie Craft as I was interested in the idea of baking and decorating more sugar cookies. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and I was finally able to give the techniques a whirl. A friend of mine was throwing a birthday party with a little girl's theme so I went to the party store to put together a bucket full of favorite children's items. The bucket looked a little empty though and so cookies it was!

I've had this tiara cookie cutter for about a year now and I was excited to finally put it to use. I had initially planned to do a design with pink royal icing, but realized that I didn't have the necessary pasteurized egg whites (or appropriate substitute) on hand. Thankfully the book had a few other decorating ideas and I ended up going with baking the sprinkles into the cookies, an effect I ended up loving. Overall the process went smoothly, but next time I think I need to roll the dough a little thicker as the tips of the tiara kept breaking off.

Princess Cookies - WIP 001
Cookies on the pan, pre-sprinkles...

Princess Cookies - WIP 002
...and post-sprinkles.

Birthday Bucket
The finished bucket.