Monday, May 17, 2010

A Spiced Posset

Spiced Posset

After a long day there is nothing more comforting than a glass of warm milk. I was perfectly content with that until one day a little over a year ago when I found a recipe for a posset over at The Princess Portal. While a posset was traditionally made using alcohol to curdle the milk I also prefer to simply use spices and honey to add flavor. I've modified Skye's recipe slightly, but you can also use different portions of the spices to taste.

A Spiced Posset
1 cup milk
1 Tbs. orange blossom honey
a sprinkling of cinnamon

Heat the milk (I personally prefer skim, but any percentage would be fine) in a small saucepan over low heat. Stir in the honey and cinnamon. Heat until steaming and pour into a favorite mug.

Sometimes I mix it up and use a different type of honey or different flavorings (vanilla extract is nice). If you make your own flavored sugars, like lavender, that would also be a good substitute for the honey (and the lavender would add extra relaxation properties).

What are your favorite ways to wind down after a long day?