Thursday, May 6, 2010

Sketch Inspirations: Cake

Inspirations: Cake
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I've been intending to post for the last week, but I've been under the weather with allergies. On the bright side of being stuck in bed for most of the day, it leaves more time for art. Specifically, opening up my sketchbook and seeing where it takes me. When I was a girl I filled sketchbooks with abandon. I created characters, scribbled cute animals, recorded what I saw around me and what made me smile. I didn't think about whether my art was "good" or not, I just drew until the inspiration ran out for the day (or if I had to go to bed). Now? Now I rarely crack open my book. It languishes by my bedside, unused and leaving me filled with feelings of guilt. It's not that I don't want to draw, it's that I'm scared. What if I'm not good enough? To get over that feeling I'm going to be sketching or painting a little something every day, thanks to inspiration from the 20 Minutes a Day Challenge.

That leads me to the large mosaic of cake pictured above. Lately I've been going through large stacks of books from the library. When going through cookbooks I started to notice a personal trend; pretty cake photos not only inspired me to bake, they also inspired me to draw. Just as cakes come in an infinite array of delicious flavors, they also come in a never ending parade of different sizes, shapes, colors, and textures. They can be styled so many different ways, from the simple to the complex. Coupled with the fact that I've always found food illustration inspiring and I've found a major theme that I want to practice! I'm looking forward to seeing where this takes me, I have a feeling that more baking will be in my near future down this path.

What's been inspiring your art lately?


  1. Hello Erica

    I approve wholeheartedly of doing more baking!

    Congratulations on drawing more, I'm glad the 20 Minutes a Day Challenge helped.


  2. @Michael Thank you so much for the comment! The baking has been going wonderfully, it really inspires me to be creative in other aspects as well. I want to thank you again for the 20 Minute challenge, it's been a huge help.

  3. Keep on doing baking they look delicious..